Spiritual Realms by Hortensia

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There are times  we believe we know exactly what we want, but when asked, the ideas don't come up as clear or easily..We need to have a detailed picture of what truly makes our heart sing. The Universe needs to know exactly what we are asking for and fervently desire in order to deliver and fulfill our order. How clear are you on your desires?
Sometimes we need an objective point of view in order to bring out hidden limiting beliefs and past traumas that we thought we had dealt with and are still holding us back and not permitting us to fully bloom into what we can truly be.
Or maybe we just need to get to know ourselves more intimately in order to bring out all the treasure and beauty we possess.
Whatever it is you are looking for there is no denying we all have room for improvement and there are no limits except the ones we impose on ourselves.
I invite you to just browse and take what rings true for you and discard that which you do not resonate with.

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